Most obvious poker tells and how to avoid them

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When you’re playing poker, one of the worst things to have is an obvious tell. This will instantly give away your intentions to other players and help them out in terms of betting options. As such, it’s important for you to understand what the most obvious tells are and work out ways to avoid carrying them out. Here is our guide to the most common tells and how you can eliminate them completely. 

Play online poker

This is without a doubt the easiest way to avoid almost every physical tell there is. While there will still be some tells out there, such as betting speed, you can avoid physical tells by playing online. All you need to do is find the best NJ online casino site and you’ll be able to play without worrying that your brow sweat is giving away the contents of your hand. 

Of course, there is a big bonus to playing online now with a big range of different progressive jackpots available at online poker tables. It’s a great way for players to grab some bigger prizes without having to build up a huge bankroll and get to one of the biggest poker tournaments. 

Trying to hide

Lots of players try to hide when they have a good hand. It’s quite a subtle thing, but experienced players will look for the players that are trying to hide. An example of this is a player that has been active when playing, talking to others, looking through their phone, anything that is just a normal way to behave. Then, when they are dealt a good hand, their demeanor changes. 

They spend the rest of that poker hand trying to blend into the background. It’s almost like the poker version of someone whistling when they have just committed a crime. If a player is trying too hard to act natural, then you can count on it that they are trying not to draw attention to themselves. 

It’s at this point that you should think about folding if your hand isn’t that strong. Of course, if you have been dealt an amazing hand then, by all means, trust that it will win. But if you have nothing special and someone is trying to blend into the background, that’s the call for you to tap out. 

Touching their chips

This is something that many of the top players at the WSOP will cite as a major tell for inexperienced players. If a player has kept their hands to themselves for most of the game, but suddenly after being dealt, they give their chips a little touch. 

This is generally regarded as a sign that they have been dealt a good hand. In this situation, it’s right to be wary of what they have. Just like the previous tip, if you have a strong hand, then you might want to continue playing. However if you haven’t got a strong hand, then it may be best for you to fold if someone shows this tell.